Buckaroos and Howdy Do's Monterey County Fair August 31 - September 4, 2023 With a horse and rabbit in chaps and overalls, the horse is wearing a cowboy hat standing on 2 legs they are both whipping a lasso

2023 Carnival Rides

Coming Soon

2022 Ride Requirements

The following 2022 rides have height requirements in order to ride (there may also be shoe requirements or a no single rider requirement):

Alien Abduction: Must be over 48″ tall. 48″ with Adult

Avenger: 54″ No single riders

Ballistic Swing: 36″ with Adult. 42″ alone

Black Widow: Must be 36″ tall. 36″ with Adult

Block City: 36″ No opened toes shoes

Carousel: No restrictions with adult. 42″ alone.

Century Wheel: Must be 54″ tall. 54″ with Adult. No Single Riders. Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Cool Bears: Must be 36″ tall. 42″ with Adult

Dream Land: Must be over 36″ tall. 42″ with Adult. No Open Toed Shoes

Fender Bender: 42″ with Adult. 48″ alone

Fun Slide: 36″ w/adult. No open toe shoes

Go Gator: 48″


Gold Miner: 36″

Happy Swing: Must be over 36″ Tall. 36″ with Adult

Hy-5 Wheel: 36″ with Adult. 48″ alone

Kite Flyer: Must be over 42″ tall. 42″ with Adult

Paw Patrol: 32″ min 42″ max

Mad Birds: 42″. No opened toes shoes

Sizzler: 42″ with Adult. 52″ alone

Super Sonic: 36″ min / 80″ max

The Surge: 48″

Vertigo: Must be over 52″ tall. 52″ with Adult. No Open Toed Shoes

Wacky Worm: 36″ with Adult. 42″ alone.

Wizzer: 42″ 200lb max

Zipper: Must be over 52″ tall. 52″ with Adult. No Singe Riders

Carnival Ride Wristbands

  • Pre-Sale Single Day Unlimited Ride Wristband $35

    Save $10

  • Pre-Sale Single Day Unlimited Ride Wristband With WoW Express [Front of Line Upgrade] $55

    Save $20

  • Pre-Sale Single Day Unlimited Ride Wristband with 25 Credits $55

    Unlimited Ride Wristband Good for 1 day. Plus 25 carnival game credits at a discounted rate. Save $15

2023 Carnival Rides

It’s the uncontrollable smiles, the laughter mixed with screams. The Fair carnival rides are a cornerstone of the Fair experience!

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