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For more information about booking an event, please email events@montereycountyfair.com

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If applicable
Set Up Date / Time
Day before set-up / decorating options:
Half Day: 4pm - 11pm $250.00
All Day: 9am – 11pm ½ Room rate
Room(s)/Facility Requested
Select multiple if needed
Tear Down Date / Time
Day after clean-up options:
Half Day: 9am - 12pm $250.00
Full Day: 9am – 11pm 1⁄2 Room rate

Important information for all applicants:

If you have not reserved the day before for event set-up, your venue access is not guaranteed until noon on the day of your event. Load-out & clean-up must be completed by 12am midnight, fees will apply for overtime events. For evening events, reserving the next day for clean-up & load-out is recommended.
Music must end by 11pm for all indoor events. Outdoor event music must end by 10pm.

All vendors & party rentals must be pre-approved, any not pre-approved may be turned away on the day of set-up. Party rentals being picked up the following day/ morning will require next-day reservation / clean-up fee.
No rented stages, only stages provided and set up by MCF staff are permitted.
MCF is not responsible for party rental equipment and will not set up or tear down any rentals.

If chairs are client supplied, there will be a surcharge of $1.00 per chair. If tables are client supplied, there will be a surcharge of $5.00 per table. No candles, no confetti, no nails, no bounce houses.

Alcohol must be purchased through our master concessionaire. Security is required at a ratio of 1 guard per 75 guests.

Max capacities of our four main rooms: (banquet set-up)

  • Monterey, Salinas & King City room - 400 max capacity
  • Seaside Room - 300 max capacity
Non- refundable reservation fee $500.00 (minimum)

Deposits are only refundable after the event. We accept cash, check, or credit card payments made with Visa, Master Card or Discover. Credit card processing fee will apply.

  • CHAIRS $1.00 - $4.00 each (Chair options include: Metal Folding, Monterey room chairs, Seaside room chairs, Plastic Cream Folding, Resin Mahogany Folding, Resin White Folding)
  • TABLES $12 each (Rounds 5 ft or 6 ft (seat 8 or 10), and rectangles 6 ft or 8 ft.)
  • Other equipment options are also available, such as short or tall cocktail tables, wine barrels (with or without tabletops), pipe & drape etc.


Common event requests include:
Kitchen access, BBQ, dance floor, stage, podium, ladder, Wifi, A/V, outdoor area for tent set up, cooking or ceremony, bringing in vendors such as caterer, decorator, DJ, photographer, photo booth, band etc.

Serving Alcohol?
Bar service contract is separate from room rental contract, ask for current menu & pricing sheet.

For Public Events only:

Admission Charge?
A fundraiser?
Holding an auction?
Need RV or Dry camping?