Bulls and Bullfighters Go Head to Head in United States Bull Fighting’s ‘Monterey Freestyle’ Competition Aug. 30 at the 2019 Monterey County Fair


MONTEREY, CA. (August 2019) — Rip snorting fighting bulls get to level the playing field when they go head to head with professional bullfighters at the Monterey Freestyle competition sanctioned by United States Bull Fighting (USBF) organization Aug. 30, at the 2019 Monterey County Fair.

The event takes place at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, 2019, in the Pattee (Main) Arena at the 2019 Monterey County Fair. The action is part of the Flying U Rodeo and is included with admission to the rodeo. Rodeo tickets are available in advance for $5 at https://tickets.montereycountyfair.com/tickets but do not include admission to the fair.

Bullfighters can garner up to 100 points in each 60-second fight, in which bullfighters try to leap, dodge, circle and evade a raging bull. Bulls also get to rack up points with aggression, speed, difficulty, agility and ability to stay “hooked up.” Bullfighters are judged on control, style, difficulty, aggression and creativity. After 40 seconds, a bullfighter can “declare” without losing any points, while a fighter who doesn’t make it to the 60-second warning horn will be disqualified.

Bullfighters are dressed in protective chest and back vests, kneepads, helmets and athletic shoes, often festooned with colorful bandanas to draw the bull’s attention. Bullfighters are often former or current rodeo clowns who try to distract bulls from attacking bullriders at professional rodeos.

The action is wild and action-packed with bulls often getting the better of the bullfighters. These Spanish Fighting Bulls — Toro de Lidia and Toro Bravo — are specially bred for their aggression, strength and quickness and are known for their natural instinct to charge.

These bulls are often found in bullfighting arenas of Mexico, Spain and other Latin countries. The one big difference is that these bulls are killed in those arenas, where the bulls of United States Bull Fighting events become athletic stars in their own right. USBF fan favorites include “Spitfire” and “The Spaniard,” known for their ability to wreak havoc whenever they are let loose in the ring.

Bullfighters can win cash prizes for their exploits. USBF partners with Bullfighters Only to give up-and-coming bullfighters an opportunity to earn points towards the BFO World Standings while gaining experience at smaller events across the country. More information can be found at www.bullfightersonly.com and www.us-bullfighting.com.

The Monterey County Fair will run from Thursday, Aug. 29-Monday, Sept. 2, 2019, at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center, 2004 Fairground Road, in Monterey. The theme of the 2019 fair is “High Tides and Carnival Rides.”

About the Monterey County Fair & Event Center
The Monterey County Fair & Event Center is a premier event center set on 22 oak-studded acres with ample parking. It is a state-owned multi-use facility that features four large banquet rooms, two outdoor concert venues, and a variety of outdoor and indoor cost-effective sites ideal for all types of events. It is home of the annual award-winning Monterey County Fair, host to many major and private events on the Central Coast, and the site of the Monterey Bay Race Place, a Satellite Wagering Facility.

For more information, contact the Fair Administration Office, at 2004 Fairground Road in Monterey, by calling (831) 372-5863 or go to www.montereycountyfair.com for more information.