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You hear people win big on the Derby. You've seen it on TV Shows like the Soprano's and stories from your grandpa, yet you've never placed a bet in your life. It's actually easier than you think to get in on the fun! FYI - the average $2 exacta bet pays out $85!

We'll break it down as follows:
- Who we are
- What you can bet
- What to say at the window
- Payout facts you should know

Let's start with who we are first.
The Monterey Race Place is a Live Satellite Wagering Facility. This means you can wager on a race in Florida, Dubai or Australia right from our location in Monterey via our Satellite Feeds, just like Dish Network only with access to horse wagering right in our house. 

Unlike Vegas, You're Not Playing The House. 
In Satellite Wagering it's not us vs. you. It's you vs. the pot of all the wagers from around the world - at the tracks or at Satellite Facilities like ours. We're actually here to help you because we get a modest cut of winnings and only if you win. You win, we win. This is just like the the store that sells the winning lottery ticket scenario.

The First Step - Realizing What You Can Bet. 
The Monterey Race Place provides all the racing literature that is available to everyone else. Combined with the local paper, you have access to as much research as anyone. With your best pick in mind it's time to head to the window to place your bet. 

The easiest bet in all of sports is simply to pick the winner. Horse racing goes above and beyond picking the simple winner and allows for several bets per race. Here's the basic menu of bets:

Win: You bet on a horse to finish first.
Place: Your horse must finish first or second.
Show: Your horse must finish first, second or third.

Across the Board: You're betting win, place and show. If your horse wins, you collect on the win, place and show bets. If your horse comes in second, you collect on the place and show bets. If third, you collect on the show bet.

Want to get a little crazy? Here are some what is called "Exoctic Wagers" and as you guessed it, they pay out a little more!DOUBLE: Bet the winners of two consecutive designated races.
QUINELLA: Bet the horses that come in first and second in a race in ANY order.
EXACTA: Bet the horses that come in first and second in a race in the EXACT order.
TRIFECTA: Bet the first three finishers of a race in EXACT order.
SUPERFECTA: Bet the first four finishers of a race in EXACT order.
PICK THREE: Bet the winners of three consecutive races.
PICK FOUR: Bet the winners of four consecutive races.
PICK SIX: Bet the winners of six consecutive races.
BOX: If you have two or more horses that you think will finish in the top spots, but you aren't sure of the order, you can "box" them. So on an Exacta Box of #3 and #6, you win if those two horses finish first and second.
WHEEL: A bet on one horse with all the others in the race. An Exacta Wheel #5 with ALL wins if the #5 horse wins and ANY horse comes in second.
KEY or PART WHEEL: A bet on one horse with SOME of the others. An Exacta Part Wheel on #5 with 2,3,4 wins if the #5 horse wins and either the #2, #3 or #4 horse is second.

The Second Step - To The Betting Window.
Sitting back and watching is all fun and good, but you don't want to go up to the betting window - that's for the people who know what they're doing. It's actually easier than you think. 

Once you've decided how you're going to bet, just step up to the window and place your bet in the following order:

First: Say the name of the track (Golden Gate, Aqueduct, etc.) This is important because Roberts Communications broadcasts races from many tracks simultaneously.
Second: Say the race number.
Third: The amount of your bet. For Win, Place and Show bets, the minimum amount is $2. You can usually play exotic wagers (Exacta, Trifecta, for example), for $1 units.
Fourth: The type of bet. (Win, Place, Exacta, and so forth.)
Fifth: The number of the horse.

If you wanted to bet $2 on the #5 horse to come in first in the third race at Del Mar, you'd say:
"Del Mar, race three, $2 to win on number 5."

It's That Easy!

Payout Facts You Should Know.
- Favorites win 33 percent of the time.
- Favorites place (finish first or second) 53 percent of the time.
- Favorites show (finish first, second or third) 67 percent of the time.

On a $2 wager:

- The average Exacta pays about $85.
- The average Trifecta pays about $655.
- The average Superfecta pays about $3,850.
- The average Double pays about $96.
- The average Pick Three pays about $600.
- The average Pick Four pays about $3,480.

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